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$ 750.00

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The pool table is in excellent condition, has an occasional and gentle use.
It has a 1-inch thick, 3-piece slate foundation and is made of solid oak in a natural finish.
Tapered square legs make for a clean and classic look. It comes with multiple cue sticks
And accessories, including rack and cover. Buyer is responsible to pick it up.
- 1" (4/4 pre-milled) thick oversized cabinet panels
- 1-1/2" thick plywood length and center beams
- 1" thick slate in 3 sections for easier transport
- Full 3/4" slate backing for quieter play
- 5" wide top rail - industry standard
- Rapid Rail System with 4 rail bolts - tighter tension points offer greater consistency
- K-66 Cushions
- Pearlized diamond sights